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NYTimes and Iraqi "sovereignty"

So the NYT finally admitted they simply peddled US lies to validate a war. The Guardian reported:

“The paper said it was encouraged to report the claims by ‘United States officials convinced of the need to intervene in Iraq’.

But today for the first time it admitted that accounts of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons in Iraq were never independently verified.

‘It is still possible that chemical or biological weapons will be unearthed in Iraq, but in this case it looks as if we, along with the administration, were taken in. And until now we have not reported that to our readers,’ the paper said.”

I still have not read anything that explains in any way how Iran got the US to believe there was still WMD in Iraq. I am sorry. The story is just bogus.

First, we never released our sources until recently. Why? Well, we were asked and we replied: National Security! Saying something and then not backing it up diminishes ones credibility, don’t you think? How could providing evidence that Saddam had WMD be a threat to “national security”? Would Saddam have been so angered that he would say: “Damn those clever Americans. Time to threaten their ‘national security’!” Remember who is who. The US is the worlds military jugernaut and Iraq is a third world nation nearly dead from years of US-sponsored sanctions. Don’t get me wrong. There are threats to our security. But, if we had the balls to be honest we would point out that it is of our own doing. Who carries out terrorist attacks in Norway, Sweden, Belize or Finland? If you don’t do anything to piss people off you are probably not going to be targeted.

Second, the claims were ridiculously extreme. As the UN inspectors reported and people like Scott Ritter relentlessly tried to point out, there was no substantial evidence for the claims. We talked about stock piles of this and that. Underground bunkers, mobile labs and delivery systems. Yet, we could provide absolutely no evidence of them. If I wanted to show the world evidence of US WMD all I have to do is find the nearest Lockheed Martin or Northrup Grumin, which is only a few miles away, and take some pictures. Iraq did not even have the infrastructure or the access to materials to have a WMD program. If the UN could know this and people like Scott Ritter knew this it is hard to imagine that our government could be so ignorant. Perhaps intentionally…

Last and again, how in the world could Iran give information to defectors to give to us to make us think there was WMD?

Back to the NYT. The admission was buried on page A10, didn’t cite names of disinformants and was highly apologetic. They said WMD may still be found! Give me a break. Stop lying! Admit it! Admit there are no WMD and you proudly lied for the United States government! Dammit, admit it! Saying you were encouraged to report the claims without verifying and then saying they still might pan out is a awful way of telling your readers you disled (misled might imply that it was unintentional) them.

Now, on to something else. The Observer reported that: “British and American troops are to be granted immunity from prosecution in Iraq after the crucial 30 June handover, undermining claims that the new Iraqi government will have ‘full sovereignty’ over the state.”

Well, this is a good way of ensuring Iraqi’s we are sincere. I don’t think it is even necessary to point out that they did not trust us before and do not trust us now. Hell, they were expecting it anyways.

We will stay there as long as we want and we will be exempt from war crimes. If that is not an Orwellian token of good faith I don’t know what is…

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