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Breaking Lies: German Police Join Blockupy Protest????

Yesterday Occupy Canada caused a stir by posting the bottom picture with the claim that police in Frankfurt, Germany have taken off their riot helmets and joined the protesters. It was billed as a revolutionary moment.

At first, I too assumed it was true, but was skeptical in its revolutionary value. My question was: What if the protesters were to move from protesting to resistance? That is to say, would the cops join them in taking direct action to bring down the governments, or challenge the banks, and so on? Or, would they use force to stop them?

But, the questions were rendered moot when it was quickly pointed out that they were not joining the protesters, but escorting them, and that the police were busy containing the crowds, and arresting anyone who went beyond the acceptable and ineffectual protest.

All cops may be bastards, as the phrase goes, but one thing is for certain: Frankfurt cops have proved to be much less the bastards as America’s police force. Ergo, Oakland, New York and Chicago, where cops have been busy punching faces, caving in heads with batons, shooting unarmed protesters in the head with tear gas cannisters or firing rubber bullets at them, destroying camps, running over legal observers with motorcycles, harassing journalists, and much, much more.

Here is a video from this week in Chicago:

Of all the bloodied faces and bruised and broken bodies, it would be interested to know the extent of injuries the police endured, and whether those injuries were the direct occurence of protesters.

Furthemore, and as far as I can tell, nothing like this happened in Germany. Not even close.

riot police

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